Supreme court opinions dating from Aussie sex chat line

28-Feb-2020 14:32

Subscribers can search past issues for key words or by category or retrieve individual issues in their entirety.

More than 225 years of Supreme Court decisions acquired by the Library of Congress are now publicly available online – free to access in a page image format for the first time. United States Reports is a series of bound case reporters that are the official reports of decisions for the United States Supreme Court dating to the court’s first decision in 1791 and to earlier courts that preceded the Supreme Court in the colonial era. The Library of Congress is the world’s largest library, offering access to the creative record of the United States—and extensive materials from around the world—both on-site and online.

PDF versions of individual cases can be viewed and downloaded. These older court reports, which had been cited by the name of the court reporter who compiled them, were reassigned volume numbers 1-90 in 1874 to produce the current, continuous numbering system of the U. Dispositional orders are decisions the court ordered published in official reports, but are in a format different than opinions.Dispositional orders released since July 1995 can be accessed on this site.Case information is updated once an hour throughout the business day.

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