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11-May-2020 19:18

Amanda claimed she makes most of her money running a “staffing company for underground events” like Wednesday night’s mixer.“I staff models for lapdance events too,” she said.New York zoning regulations have long ago pushed strip clubs to the city’s industrial wastelands—and underground.

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Young women are increasingly using sugar daddy allowances to pay for college tuition, or spinning their sugar babydom into confessional book deals.Two teenage-looking bouncers ushered me inside a nondescript apartment, where a small group of women in strappy heels and bodycon dresses talked among themselves or with a stray “daddy.” (The women far outnumbered the men, which couldn’t be good for business.)The room was large, dimly lit, and unfurnished but for several white couches, tall round tables, and a makeshift bar where the event’s organizer, Amanda (not her real name), made drinks and small talk with guests.