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02-Apr-2020 15:59

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has vowed to toughen the UN response to allegations of misconduct in the war-torn country.

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Today, she has 100 men seeking her services, about 60 of those she says are U. This is in stark contrast to her South Sudanese clients, many of whom don’t pay at all and sometimes turn violent.

() Up to six million people in South Sudan face extreme hunger a report by the UN says, that's an increase of 40 percent since 2017.

The report warns that famine could return to the country in the throes of civil war.

The UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan has a "zero tolerance, no excuses, and no second chances approach to sexual exploitation and abuse," he said.

There was no indication that the behavior was more widespread than within the site.

A US draft Security Council resolution received a cool response from Russia, China and troop-contributing countries.