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28-Dec-2019 22:07

But if your boyfriend disappears at the weirdest hours and doesn’t give you any explanation as to where he goes, he could be with another woman or at the bars searching for one.

When your man disappears without warning and returns like nothing ever happened, you have every right to be suspicious.

However, if your boyfriend has never been into his phone and is all the sudden using it more than you use yours, then this should raise suspicions.

While women are known for being notorious texters, men today can be just as text giddy, especially when they’re trying to impress a woman.

If you notice that he’s taking a lot of showers, and he’s never done it before, then you have every right to wonder why he’s suddenly showering so much.

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This is especially true if this new hobby excludes you or keeps him out of the house for long periods of time.Men and women have engaged in cheating since the beginning of time.

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