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I wish I didn't have to write half of my posts, but I have no choice if I want to reach the kids Tommy Lee refers to himself as a "hopeless romantic," frequently thinks "omg this girl must be the one!

" in spite of fucking hundreds of random hot babes, and lots of them get genuine feelings for girls and get their hearts broken, and not by "proper submissive virgins" but by basically party sluts.

In fact, trying to capture that vibe was why the back in the day Mystery method pushed top hats, goggles and other ridiculous gear.

It was that, "I'm so outrageous, I must be some kind of star" vibe without the actual rock star money and fame behind it.

" And they all look at each other and start dying with laughter, in other words fairly promiscuous women without any chastity/virginity of any kind.

Not only are these wild alphas effeminate af, they are in no sense of the word They are wildly emotional, having a blast one minute partying and crying about childhood trauma in another.I think its nice to see feminine looking guys do well with women.It seems online -according to keyboard bro's - that the only men who get laid are alpha macho guys.Its true that TRP's jacked STEMbro in menswear employing amused mastery, snail game etc will do far better than the other betas, but ultimately they will not touch the effeminate naturals of the art, music and dance worlds.

TRP would benefit massively from an influence of artistic perspectives, the alpha males of which can be just as savage, "redpill" etc as them but from a different angle. Are you disgusted by the completely terrible behavior of Mötley Crüe's band members?

There are countless scenes where they utterly fail to behave like anything close to basic adults in real world business settings that matter a ton for their careers, relationships etc.

If I meet a girl and get her number, the first time we go out shouldn't be a three-hour opera and dinner afterwards. If you guys have a great time, you're both left wanting more." —Greg G."If a girl and I end up hooking up quickly, it doesn't necessarily mean I've written her off. For example, 'Hey, I've got an extra ticket to this show tonight. ' Go out and do things I'd want to do, and then invite me. Be willing to embrace the things men love." —Sam M."I get frustrated when I feel like I'm constantly the one driving the conversation—it happens to me a lot and it feels a little unfair.… continue reading »

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