Straight women dating gay men

25-Sep-2019 02:13

They can get lucky by hitting any of the myriad straight bars in any city … or by walking down the street pretty much anywhere?

I certainly would rather not have to keep stumbling over them on Grindr.

In Study 3, exposing women to a visualization of increased mating competition enhanced their trust in gay men; when mating competition was salient, women’s trust in mating information from a gay man was amplified.

Study 4 showed that women who perceived higher levels of mating competition were more open to befriending gay men.

Even Grindr, which, for many, has replaced going out as the best way to meet eligible gay men, is no longer a hook-up app just for gay men. There’s no way around them, but every time one messages me, I find myself appreciating those suspicious bouncers who are so dedicated to deterring straight men from entering gay premises, even if it means weeding out — or insulting — some of their target patrons.

Trans women and the gender fluid now crowd the grid in many cities, looking for action. I wish the owners would apply the same rigid gay-men-only policy when hiring hot bartenders!

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I met her first, and as Jayden recently reminded me, she was the one who introduced us. Gay culture has changed dramatically in the past five years, becoming less exclusively about gay men. Some are just looking for someone to, in the words of one who recently approached me, “worship their c**k.” Others are hoping to work out their sexuality issues while their girlfriends are out of town.

As much as I love hanging out with straight men, I’ve never been a fan of the ones who go to gay bars solely to meet women.

Sure they may have less competition there, but don’t they already rule the rest of the earth?

In the present studies, we tested a hypothesis that not only explains why women exhibit increased trust in gay men but also yields novel predictions about when (i.e., in what contexts) this phenomenon is likely to occur.

Specifically, we propose that gay men’s lack of motives to mate with women or to compete with them for mates enhances women’s trust in gay men and openness to befriend them.

There was no-one doing that I’m-too-sexy dance that women sometimes do in crowded spaces where pushing often comes to shoving.

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