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She was busy, he knew -- she'd met with him yesterday, to turn over completed performance reviews for the quarter. ""There have been a few times over the past few days that I've sensed frustration from you. Most of those involved in the survey are busy but calm. well, it's been interesting, since Data's algorithm started to circulate.""Good god," he exclaimed, frustrated.She had mentioned being inundated with requests for appointments."Hello, Captain." She smiled at him, clearly relaxed and happy as she usually seemed whenever they were not in the midst of stressful and dangerous doings. "I should have ordered him to delete it."She gave him That Look -- he shook his head.This is actually conforming to the request as made, unlike Fifth Stage of Grief, which went off the rails pretty fast. Crusher was saying, as Picard came out of the ready room."You are welcome, Wesley.I am glad that you found it useful." There was an unusual lilt to the android's voice.Of course she would want him to elaborate."It's a -- " But it wasn't a waste of resources.It wasn't infringing on anyone's rights, or causing real problems.

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Expecting the awkward, stilted 'hello stranger' missive that was no doubt waiting for him to delete it so he could kick himself in peace, he found himself in shock."He stopped in the middle of the room, turned around to look at her -- she'd followed him in just far enough that the door would close behind her. I would suspect it presents you with quite the temptation, some intrigue for you to research and untangle the enigma of who an algorithm would match you with. I did ask Data about how he programmed it -- what I could understand of his explanation told me that he is using the recorder data to inform the algorithm. I didn't think to ask about specifics like that.""Recorder data? The recorders in the critical areas of the ship -- engineering, the bridge, the battle bridge, all the hubs of the departments -- where the decisions were made and the action tended to be, fed that information into protected storage to be accessed only when needed, in the course of court-martials or investigations, and only by specific personnel."It's not data revealed to the people using the program.