Stanley plane dating pictures who is taylor lautner currently dating

01-Jan-2020 12:49

And don’t worry – I won’t clean it up too much :) hey Tom – I was reading the tutorial about embedding the pics, but I am using flickr and couldn’t find how to get the HTML tag. -- ...straight lines or tight lines, either will make me happy!

Muddler I purchased this same plane at the local antique shop – I gave .50 for it.

4”, “Bailey” or Stanley” markings on the base or the lever cap.

It also mentioned the “H” shape to the base below the frog and the numbers “73” or “71” for the earlier planes before the patents.

the screw that holds it on the plane body actually pulls it together well and I was thinking about either gluing it and screwing it right down to the plane for clamping pressure or getting a lag bolt and large washers to hold the pieces together.

There is no raised lip around where the front knob is seated.

As far as I know Stanley type irons work as do Hockand LN. I was hoping that the “C” letter before all of the code numbers would’ve indicated something to you guys, but I realize that there were so many different companies and so many knock offs that identifying this plane might be tricky.

As best as I can tell from “Patrick’s Blood and Gore” page, there were some early Stanleys that didn’t have the “No.

I figure to use epoxy to fill the gaps and hopefully make a stronger bond (any suggestions welcome if you don’t think that is a good idea).

I’d like to keep the original knob and tote – there’s something to be said for touching and using the same handles that my grandpa used.You’re correct that they are a knockoff of Bailey planes.

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