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19-Oct-2020 16:52

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However, there are certain things to look for when you are considering buying an antique Stanley tool: The Stanley Company manufactured hundreds of different hand tools, many of them used for woodworking.One exquisite example of metal detailing include this Stanley #45 combination plane.While it can be difficult to determine the difference between an antique and a newer or even knock-off Stanley tool, there are some things to look for, including: To determine the condition of a tool, most collectors refer to the The Fine Tool Journal Classification System.

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While some antique Stanley tools are valuable, the vast majority of them are not.I do own some new old, still-in-the-box tools because I like opening them and seeing them as unused pieces but that’s another side of me too.Even though I am in my mid 60s I still like to make sure I have enough tools to last me another 200 years for some vain reason.Also, I have 5 sons and a daughter and 13 grandchildren so far.

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I would like to think that some of my tools will go to them even though I have already provided my children with their own kits over the years.Antique Stanley tools are often sought after for their aesthetic value.