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Your nationality, as indicated in the new passport, must be the same as that shown in the passport bearing the visa. S., you can apply using whichever nationality you prefer, but you must disclose all nationalities to the U. As long as you comply with the Department of Homeland Security decision on the conditions of your stay, you should have no problem.Further information about interpreting your visa can be found at the Department of State's Consular Affairs No.While conducting visa interviews, consular officers look at each application individually and consider the applicant's circumstances, travel plans, financial resources, and ties outside of the United States that will ensure the applicant’s departure after a temporary visit. A refusal, or ineligibility, under section 214(b) is for that specific application, so once a case is closed, the consular section cannot take any further action. If you feel there is additional information that should be considered related to the visa decision, or there are significant changes in your circumstances since your last application, you may reapply for a visa. Department of State has authority to review consular decisions, but this authority is limited to the interpretation of law, as contrasted to determinations of facts.

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To qualify for a visitor or student visa, an applicant must meet the requirements of sections 101(a)(15)(B) or (F) of the INA respectively.

However, applicants should decide where to apply based on more than just convenience or delay in getting an appointment in their home district.

One thing to consider, for example, is in which consular district the applicant can demonstrate the strongest ties.

Failure to do so will result in a refusal of a visa under INA 214(b).

The most frequent basis for such a refusal concerns the requirement that the prospective visitor or student possess a residence abroad he or she has no intention of abandoning.Review the Immigration law delegates the responsibility for issuance or refusal of visas to consular officers overseas. Therefore, it falls exclusively within the authority of consular officers at our Foreign Service posts to resolve.

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