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30-Dec-2019 01:19

I am a young medical doctor with a particular interest in the fields of forensic pathology, archaeology and crime scene investigating.

For many years now I have spent much of my free time visiting World War study of period documents.

The main difference between archeology and simple digging therefore lies in the intensions and methodologies of the digger.

-all information on the artifacts recovered and the conclusions that can be drawn from the excavation must be made available to other researchers, historians and the public.

In the eye of the public, there is frequently no understanding of the differences between archaeology and simple digging, looting, collecting or treasure hunting (it must be said that the border can sometimes become very blurred, particularly when archeological expeditions are presented in the form of a hunt for gold or lost treasure).

As explained above, the goal of archaeology is to further the knowledge that humanity has of its own past.

Such items provide information on the cause of death, the identity of the soldier, and the units involved in the battle.

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Such so called 'trench art' provides us with a better understanding of the frame of mind of the soldiers of the time, who although "visiting" Egypt in the context of a deadly war, behaved just like any tourist would and desired to keep a souvenir of their tour to the last standing wonder of the world.

These finds will quickly be sold for a few dozen dollars.

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