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However, Trowbridge's West of England cloth maintained a reputation for excellent quality until the end.

The last mill, Salter's Home Mill, closed in 1982 and is now the home of Boswell's Café and Trowbridge Museum and Art Gallery, integrated into the Shires Shopping Centre.

In 1200 Henry de Bohun was created Earl of Hereford by King John.Like other barons, Henry was later threatened by King John and his caput of Trowbridge was taken from him.Henry then joined with the other barons to oppose John's arbitrary rule and forced him to seal Magna Carta (the Great Charter) at Runnymede; and was elected as one of the 25 enforcers of the charter.The first mention of Trowbridge Castle was in 1139 when it was besieged.

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and town has a Castle Street and the Castle Place Shopping Centre.Some years after Runnymede, Henry regained control of Trowbridge.