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We spent every day not only working on songs but laughing our asses off. The rules of being a proper songwriter and all of that bullshit didn’t matter. “In doing that, we were able to come up with some really good ideas. “On the last album, it was like a mad speed dating rush with a bunch of producers to see who worked best,” says Jared. It was a different vibe, studio, and guy every day. The only new guys were HEAVY, and we hit it off immediately.

We were molding and mutating what Dirty Heads are but with something new.

“Making the new record, I re-fell in love with everything about being in this band: writing music, playing shows, having fun, and where we’re at. During early 2017, the group started writing songs with no expectations or plans and soon found themselves working on what would become ” recalls Duddy. We were all inspired.” In order to capture those moments, Dirty Heads handpicked a team of collaborators—Jonas Jeberg [Demi Lovato, Juicy J, Jason Derulo], “Lay Me Down” partner-in-crime Rome [Enrique Iglesias] of Sublime with Rome, Blueprint [Jay-Z, Kanye West, Timbaland, Eminem, Nas, Prodigy], Oren Yoel [Miley Cyrus, Kanye West], HEAVY [Andrew Mc Mahon], and The Score—and recorded between Los Angeles and Orange County.

It’s a classic pop ballad Dirty Heads-style with the power to resonate amongst listeners everywhere. “The melody was super catchy, and there’s an old school guitar part.

“It strikes a chord for those of us who travel a lot and leave friends and families at home,” explains Duddy. We juxtapose those mellow, airy, and ethereal elements with hard-hitting hip-hop.

311 Beers: 311 have partnered w/ Rock Brothers Brewing & Nebraska Brewing on their own beers – 311 Amber Ale, 311 Beautiful Disaster Imperial IPA and I’ll Be Here Awhile Honey Apricot Ale.

311[Five Seven Music], finds the group at its most free.

We were drinking these weed kombuchas at the time,” he laughs. Jared leaves off, “I want you to feel the same way I did making it.