Speed dating clapham saturday

25-Dec-2019 02:04

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From £7 Feeling Gloomy – Gay Down with Dating, The Vauxhall Griffin. Anti-Valentines Jumble Sale (your friends and Exes are the jumble! Pop Up Speed Dating – Pre Valentines Singles Party – Home House Private Members Club. (Weekly event) Thursday 5th – Original Dating – Speed Dating at The Exhibit, Balham. The School of Life – How to Move On From a Relationship – 2pm to 5pm – £45 The School of Life – A Romantic Take on Work – 6.40pm to 9.30pm – £40 Friday 13 – Playdate – Spooky Valentine Arts and Crafts Play Date, Four 0 Nine, Clapham. £25 The Red Hot Valentine’s Ball – Bentley’s Hotel.

£25 Date in a Dash – Valentine’s Day Lock and Key Party.

It’s very handy if you have a few too many G&Ts, trust us!

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