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After boarding, passengers can arrange their luggage on luggage rack above seats or under lower berths. For travelers who are not in favor of simple Chinese food, it would be good to prepare some food on your own before boarding.1. Is the current time table for train to datong is 3pm(last train) and the next train is from 8.35pm onward,is this correct? For I am not sure to reach Beijing airport in the morning or in the afternoon?

How to reach Beijing train station from beijing international airport ?

In this way, passengers will not oversleep and miss their destination. In case, you need time to find the direction at that midnight time, maybe it is better to reach there around 1 or 1.5 hours in advance.

Passengers who booked seats need to pay attention to the broadcast to make preparation for leaving in advance. Stay in airport hotel for a night and catch the next morning early flight or travel about 6 hours to datong on the very day ? Any problem to buy the ticket in end October on the very day? There will be airport shuttle bus between beijing airport and railway stations in Beijing. Not sure about train time you mentioned, but you can check on this website by your date. Personally speaking, the most economy way maybe an overnight train to Datong as it save one night hotel cost.

K217/ 218, K573/ K574, K597/ K5/ 134 choose Beijing West Railway Station for stop.

Public transport around is convenient as it is connected with subway Line 7 and Line 9.

Through this event, I met different types of men, both interesting and boring such as a handsome Bhutan-Dutch student who wants to work in China after graduation, a Swiss marketing consultant who enjoys international travel and sports and an excellent Chinese-American educator who enjoys his busy work and the finer things of life.

Meanwhile, as we were not grouped into compatible age ranges, I also chatted with a young man in his 20s who fabricated his background and life experience, and a man as old as my father.

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The next day, the organizer sends attendees the contact information they wanted if their desired ones are also interested in them.

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