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You'll have the opportunity to speak with representatives from the NAPO's Special Interest Groups and learn how to qualify to join a group (hint: you might already qualify! This event is set up as a round table where you'll meet with reps from individual SIG's - you'll have the opportunity to sit down with three different SIG's during the session.You can ask all the questions you want and get more details about the groups you may be interested in. Members of the individual SIG's are experienced people in their field who enjoy being part of a smaller community dedicated to learning and connecting with others that have the same passions they do.

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If you need to cancel you may be eligible for a refund or event rain check, based on our cancellation policy, provided you contact us before the event day.

She feels that her SIG memberships are the best thing about being a member of NAPO and will be happy to share her experience and answer any questions you may have!

Quote Blocks kicks off on May 18th, and you're invited to take part in the festivities. HOSTED BY: Ze Shan Malik & Simone Spilka IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: The Standard NEXT EVENT: February 14th, 20187PMWHERE: The Standard East 25 Cooper Sq, New York, NY 10003 I'm a pretty anxious guy and taking the time to just see and be seen really calmed me down.

At GAZE, even though nothing changed about the people looking, internally something shifted.

Even a moment of that, for an anxious guy like me, is a gift.While you may be used to meeting people through dating apps and websites, speed dating can also be a great way to meet potential love interests in your area.