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The Somali people share a common language, Somali, and most are Muslims of the Sunni sect.

Somalis also live in northern Kenya; in the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia; and in Djibouti, to the northwest of Somalia.

In spite of national boundaries, all Somalis consider themselves one people.

This unity makes them one of Africa's largest ethnic groups. Somalia is on the outer edge of the Somali Peninsula, also called the Horn of Africa, on the East African coast.

Somalis hope that one day all these territories can become a unified Somali nation.

The leopard is considered the national symbol of Somalia. Current theory suggests that the Somali originated in the southern Ethiopian highlands and migrated into northern Kenya during the first millennium 100.

About three-quarters of the people live in rural areas and one-quarter in the cities.

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At approximately 246,200 square miles (637,658 square kilometers), Somalia is about the size of Texas.

The Shabeelle (Leopard) River does not enter the Indian Ocean but instead turns parallel to the coast and runs southward for 170 miles (274 kilometers) before drying up in marshes and sand flats. The port city of Mogadishu, in southeastern Somalia on the Indian Ocean, is the largest city and the traditional capital of Somalia.

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