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The Tank's body is covered with numerous scars and lesions from previous fights, with an especially large open sore on his left pectoral.

The Tank's jaw at first glance seems to be missing, but upon closer inspection it is shown to be enveloped within his thick neck muscles.

Four of us from the Left 4 Dead 2 team will be journeying all the way to Seattle this weekend to join the likes of George Romero and Bruce Campbell for the 1st annual Zombcon.

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Not to leave Left 4 Dead 2 out in the cold (also available for OSX), we are updating our servers with a new featured community campaign – The Haunted Forest! This Halloween, you can either go out and get apples with razor blades, or stay home and Play the Haunted Forest – the choice is yours.Make sure to stop by as we will also be handing out one of a kind concept art and shwag.