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20-Sep-2020 04:41

I appreciate all of your pm's as well and since a lot of you would like to keep up with me, I figured I might as well start a blog and post there. Some are rented apartments, some are rented houses. Keep in mind that I make double that, but the studio keeps 50% of my pay to insure training, model support, tech support, lighting & cam equipment, very fast internet connection, and even the lighting bill lol. That just makes me pay a lot of attention to you and I will be genuinely interested.If you want, here it is: - as a general notice, I'm not good with blogs, so I'm not sure how to add a comments section to tumblr or how to make a proper layout for it.****EDIT 4: It has been 1 year today since this Ia MA and I wanted everyone to know I left the camming industry as it started feeling like I was enabling people with real issues (porn addiction, anxiety, agoraphobia etc) and that I cannot handle doing that. The studio I work in is a rented house with about 15 rooms, all designed for this line of work. I met this historian with whom I talked about Ukrain and geopolitics for about 100 minutes. If you're a gentleman and stick around for at least 15 min before the dildo goes in, then it's going to be real. Not because you possess the cash I so desperately desire, but because I'm sick and tired of freeloaders so I will just ignore them. Secondly, yes I have been so turned on by a fellow at one point that I would look at his profile pic while masturbating for others.Search in the left box for a Coin, a Currency or a Commodity to see the prices in BTC and a real currency.Alternatively, you can select a Coin or Commodity in the middle box to see the prices in BTC and your selected real currency.I only had a partial day on the ground yesterday, but already there have been lots of things to think about.

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My Proof: I sent my proof confidentially to mods because I want to keep my real identity a secret.*edit: Wow, thanks for the gold, whoever you were! I might have missed it in the little flood I got today.

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