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17-Feb-2020 06:03

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He called me a spade or shovel or whatever the fuck gardening tool it was and I had no idea what I did wrong. The only place in the US where the KKK is still relevant.I don't think I was ever confused like that before. I'm a little bit younger than most of the posts at the top, and it's probably less interesting too, but I'll throw my experience in anyway. Back in Poland everyone was racist to a degree, I never really thought about it.Its pretty strange when you end up feeling racist just because you dont know any one from other races though.It wasnt as if I consciously made an effort to think that way.So I did grow out the racist thing myself pretty quickly.It was only really when I went to university that I actually encountered different races.

Now he teaches kids at the mosque not to dislike white christians, and the best ways to mix and interact.

We were a bit mouthy etc about race, but the place we grew up in was totally white.

We ran in a gang and listened to both racial music and also non racial music.

One day early in my first year at college, some random black kid asks me for help, as he's lost.

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I'm pretty freaked out, but I agree to walk him home, as I live nearby.We talk, and at one point the thought pops into my head: Good for you.

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