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(A clue if you want to do it yourself: mother cannot be M.Also, the twins are obviously not identical twins, which are derived from the same egg—that is, monozygous).A long time after creation, a worldwide flood destroyed all humans except a man called Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives. Afterwards, God commanded the survivors to multiply and cover the Earth (Genesis 9:1).A few hundred years later, people chose to disobey God and to remain united in building a great city, with the Tower of Babel as the focal point of rebellious worship.The intersection gives the generic makeup of the offspring from that particular sperm and egg union. The other possibilities mean that five levels of melanin (shades of color) can result in the different offspring of such a mulatto marriage, as roughly indicated by the level of shading in the diagram.If three gene pairs were involved, seven levels of melanin would be possible.

”, we learned that all humans on Earth today are descended from Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives, and before that from Adam and Eve (Genesis 1-11).For simplicity, let's assume there are only two, , (remember, only one of each A or B pair goes to each sperm or egg) they could only produce children with exactly the same combination of genes as themselves. Likewise, very light people, with m The left side (of the above table) shows the four different gene combinations possible in the sperm from the father and the top gives the combinations possible in the eggs from the mother (remember that a parent can only pass on one of each pair of genes to each sperm or egg).We locate a particular sperm gene combination and follow the row across to the column below a particular egg gene combination (like finding a location on a street map).For instance, you will occasionally see a European with a broad flat nose, or a Chinese person with very pale skin or Caucasian eyes.

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Most scientists now agree that, for modern humans, “race” has little or no biological meaning.

Noah and his family were probably mid-brown, with genes for both dark and light skin, because a medium skin color would seem to be the most generally suitable (dark enough to protect against skin cancer, yet light enough to allow vitamin D production).

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