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10-Aug-2020 15:49

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MORE CONSUMER NEWS: Teri Gabriel, executive director of the Area Agency on Aging serving Lassen, Modoc, Shasta, Siskiyou and Trinity Counties, called the scams highlighted by the sheriff's office "only a sampling of the many schemes perpetrated against seniors and dependent adults."Residents who suspect a scam should contact the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office dispatch number, 530-841-2900 or their local police department.

The California Highway Patrol shared this image of a robocall asking for money from a Shasta County resident.

The caller ID appears to come from a legitimate state of California/CHP phone number but the CHP says it does not make calls like this.

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An early road, an alternative to the Siskiyou Trail, wound its way up from Shasta, California, through Scott Valley to Yreka, California, and then into Oregon.Gold recovery operations continued well into the Twentieth century, including substantial dredging for gold along the Scott River.Until the mid-1990s Scott Valley's economy relied heavily on logging, an industry which is now in decline.An organization claiming to be collecting money to support a law enforcement group connected with one elderly man on the phone and through mailers to his home.

The resident called the Siskiyou County Sheriff, which said it had no record of the group.Scott Valley was first entered by Stephen Meek, Thomas Mc Kay, George Adolphus Duzel and 16 other Hudson's Bay trappers in 1836.