Single parents special needs children dating

04-Nov-2019 08:24

Their world was turned upside down as she went from a full household to living with just her mom and seeing her dad a couple of times a week.Eventually, though, the family started to heal, they all fell into a routine that worked for them, and my friend’s parents started thinking about dating again.We know when we will be ready to introduce you, and when our children will be best able to handle it.

If you are not comfortable with this or if you are bothered by the thought of dealing with this or dealing with the attention it may bring, consider that perhaps dating someone with a special needs child is not for you. Sometimes to prove that the idea of a special needs child doesn’t bother them, people will push to meet the child. As parents, we understand our children’s conditions and limitations better than you do, and we know our children best.

This is especially important — you should be a friend not just to your partner, but also to his or her child.