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07-Oct-2020 11:31

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Those who date single parents can struggle to know where they fit in.Are they an instant step-parent to the kids, a cool adult friend, or a bit of both?Or B: Kick the can down the road and reveal your true status at some future point. "Um, half the time," I replied sheepishly, before telling her about my son Oscar, who was nine.Chloe's qualifier ringing in my ears, I went for B. As this situation was repeated with varying degrees of awkwardness, it became clear that it wasn't fair on the people sitting opposite.Considering entering the brave new world of online dating?First step: Create a profile that is guaranteed to grab the attention of potential dates…They're my kids now, too."Whether it's a good idea to swipe right on the cutie with the toddler in the photo depends on a lot of factors.

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If this is a deal-breaker for the person dating you, it's best to know it at the beginning.But it's also true that kids can be volatile and sometimes cruel to a new partner; little monsters throwing hand grenades into your relationship.And having to encounter your new partner's ex on a regular basis at pick-ups and drop-offs can be hard on the soul (for everyone).Chandler fell in love with a former colleague who had two boys under six.

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She quickly went from a bohemian singleton fresh out of share houses and frequenting bush doofs, to memorising Where is the Green Sheep and being told "Don't say words" (translated from toddler-speak to: "Just shut up") by a suspicious two-year-old."I would never swipe right on a single parent," my friend Chloe told me, before offering a heavy qualifier.