Singer featherweight 221 dating

01-Jan-2020 18:07

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This often caused damage to the machines themselves and was especially obvious with the white 221K-7 model.

This was also not helped by the fact that the power and foot controller on this model was wired in, not removable as with the black versions.

For more detailed information about White 221K-7 Models please use the menu to see separate page.

In 1951 the Singer celebrated its centennial by producing a special badge for their Featherweight 221‘s and 221K‘s.

The power cable and foot controller was also supposed to be stored on this tray.

However trying to squash the stiff cabling and foot controller into this narrow area proved difficult and so they were left loose inside the box.

The white K7 variants ranged in colour from creamy white to ivory to ‘celery‘ or pale green-white.

221J tan models range from creamy beige to light brown.

It also was the only one to use an RF suppression capacitor mounted underneath the baseplate.

The patterning on the fabric changed in design over the years of production, so did the box interiors.