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' I had agreed to babysit for the neighbors whenever they were going out, since I was home alone in the evenings anyway.

I had made the mistake of telling Pete and Judith, who lived in the adjacent townhouse, that my wife worked nights and that I spent most evenings watching cable and playing games on the computer. I'd just told them I did nothing in the evenings, so I could not very well make up an excuse now.

Her house was out in the country about 15 miles away, but I didn't really mind because I figured it would be a nice quiet drive and would help relieve the tension brought on by the Baxter brats.

He was gorgeous, sometimes I would have to leave class so I could finger myself in the bathroom, letting my fingers glide over his, seemingly by accident.

All they had in mind was playing 'three falls and lots of submissions' with her on top of the pile of judo mats.

Until Ms Dunkley came storming in wearing her high boots and pleated skirt.

I had just finished dropping off the Baxter twins a couple of real bratty 13 year old boys who had just about worn my patience thin playing with all of the controls and knobs in my van.

I had one kid left to drop off, a cute little 12 year old girl named Misty.


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Their two girls, Holly and Michelle, were identical twins both 11 years old.

Things looked tense for a while, until Jodi put the teacher on her tiptoes and her best behavior.