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28-Jun-2020 12:19

Issues relating to gender will be discussed in the following section.

Over the past twenty years, much research in translation studies has been concerned with the study of translation as a place of reproduction and/or split from hegemonic representations of gender in Western cultures (Kamensky 1996, Simon 1996 or Holmes and Meyerhoff 2008).

We can see how she confronts her ‘prince’ not only with her body language but also with her dialogue.

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As defined in the dictionary, stereotypes are unvarying forms or patterns, fixed or conventional notions of a group of people or an idea held by a number of people and which allow for no individuality or critical judgment (Michael and Grant 2010: 1394).

The traits of those groups of people usually have an evaluative connotation that makes them view things either positively or negatively (Oakes and Reynolds 1997: 54).

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