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09-Jan-2020 09:07

While this is a change that many board admins might like, others may not and this is, in its current state, a non-configurable change.

We have worked hard to develop an extensions infrastructure in 3.1 to make it even easier than ever before for admins to customize their boards to their personal preferences without needing to have every feature or configurable change in php BB's core itself.

In this case a discussion has been progressing with many points being made so most team members who have read this topic (Such as myself) have likely seen nothing of value they believe they specifically needed to add.

I would also add that one manager (David IQ) and another team member (VSE) have both posted views on this matter a number of times throughout this topic.

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this is not criticism - i admire the people who overcome obstacles to implement a feature they need, but this does not necessarily mean it would be a good idea to use this code in the code product.It wouldn't create feature creep, it would be a good feature.It would make the job for moderators easier by requiring less pages to go to for making a simple post, and closing.and for the multimoderation, is not crucial feature for 3.1general comment: what you want is not necessarily a specific mod. maybe it would be more productive to describe and discuss (it may get refined through the discussion) the precise functionality you want, rather than discuss mods that implement it.

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you have to realize that no matter which mod you will point to - *some* of us will not be familiar with it.Why isnt the area51 staff get involved with posted RFCs here?