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A quick glance either way showed she was clear, and when she reached for the lock to pick it, she paused as she realised it was open.

She was the one Cinder would look to with trust and pride. She imaged a bomb exploding, and the look on Cinder's face when she found out of her brother's demise. "Damn it, Winchester," Emerald growled, moving over to the door.

He wasn't wrong in anything he said, but the way he said it was a bit much. She'd have been just as angry if Ruby went out and did something like that, and whatever relationship Nora and Ren had, it was close enough to be comparable."I thought not." Ren said, turning back to the two culprits. "No more excursions on your own," he eventually said.

"It's nice to see someone willing to stand up in my defence for a change.""Yeah! "You can't hurt our team leader, Nora.""Not even for cookies? Her partner, medium-height, quiet and unassuming, strode toward Blake and Nora. You didn't so much as leave a message or a way for us to reach you if you got into trouble."Blake lowered her gaze, but Nora remained unfettered. Ren was normally so quiet that she didn't know what to do. "Yang looked away as those pink eyes pierced into hers. I didn't ask to be made the leader of this team." He paused, and she wondered whether he did that on purpose, just to make Blake and Nora squirm. Yang saw no real meaning in them, but Nora ducked her head and seemed to shrink in on herself.

A single red eye cracked open, followed by another as she realised whatever it was hadn't gotten In her eyes. A glance back revealed a bucket on the floor, surrounded by a large white stain. it was pure white now – the colour of snow, except that even snow had more tones than this. Shock and surprise gave way to something far worse.

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Whatever you want, I'm ready.""I'm glad to hear that." Cinder smiled and uncrossed her legs, leaning forward to rest one elbow on the table. The main problem was her hair, which still looked like it was white with green streaks, and thus ridiculous. "Thanks for spotting Cardin, and sorry for you getting involved. He won't do anything else to you."Oh, let wanted to do it? Maybe he would torture his mind until it shattered and he had to be carried from Beacon on a stretcher. ""But Weiss, this was necessary…""You could have asked! She took one look at the three girls, who paused as well to look at her. Honestly, he needed his Big Sister's advice and guidance. The problem was how difficult that would be with his attention drawn aside by that brat. If only she could regain what was once solely hers. "How would you like to be of special use to me as well? do not feel Mercury would be able to achieve.""Y-You do?