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As the series progresses, Baze becomes more responsible and works harder to get the bar and the loft apartment in shape so it's fit for Lux to stay with him sometimes; eventually he sets aside a corner of the loft for her bedroom.

The show has since been released on DVD, and it is available on Netflix as well as Amazon Video streaming services.

Because of her radio-host job and suitable house, Cate is given primary custody of Lux.

Ryan Thomas (Kerr Smith), her radio-broadcast partner and fiancé, also bonds with Lux and is sometimes better able to reach her than her parents, because he's faced issues similar to hers.

Lux's longtime social worker Fern Redmund is instrumental in helping Cate and Baze get their parental rights reinstated and helping the three become an official family. At various times Baze incurs Cate's wrath by sleeping with Cate's younger sister, Lux's Aunt Abby, a neurotic therapist and yoga practitioner.

Baze also sleeps with Ryan's sister Paige after a drunk incident in season two.

Several big secrets are exposed when Baze hosts Thanksgiving dinner at his loft.