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Check out also measurements of Anna Lynne Mc Cord, Lori Loughlin, and Jessica Lowndes.

Shenae is just really slim but her girl fans should understand, that not everyone can have the same figure without dieting herself to death.

There were no hypotheses regarding the fearful attachment style.

The items are answered on a 4-point scale of frequency, from not at all to often (Kemp & Neimeyer, 1999).

The students’ experience of distress was examined using two measures: The Stressful experience and Impact of Events Scale (IES) and the Ways of Coping (WOC).

Conversely, they hypothesized that the preoccupied attachment type would experience the highest levels of distress, and would also exhibit the highest levels of psychological symptomatology. The dismissing attachment style was predicted to report the highest level of avoidant symptoms and would also be the most likely to choose distancing coping strategies.

Scheana and Robert rang in New Year's Eve together, and as the insider tells us, she may get involved in a new television project her beau is working on.

The 35-year-old actress helped launch her sunglasses collection alongside Fergie, Rachel Zoe with husband Rodger Berman, Steven Tyler, and Shenae Grimes with husband Josh Beech.

Kate told that she would love to create her own fashion line, but is hesitant to do so.

“As much as I’d love it, it’s a hard thing to do when you’re making movies, and that’s my passion.

Eventually I would like to create my own line, but I enjoy film so much that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon,” Kate said.

The study was made up of three categories: (a) experience of distress, (b) their response to stress, and (c) overall levels of psychological symptomatology. Well she has naturally lean skeleton, her figure is example of so called banana body type. Her dress size is only 0 but we wouldn’t go so far as calling her anorexic.