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The museum also supports initiatives in the area of Jewish research and in its joined efforts with other Jewish organizations, Ukrainian state museums, archives, and various universities in the city and the grater Ukraine not to mention a great number of foreign specialists and researchers, works to popularize Jewish history of Odessa The majority of our expositions have been generously donated to our collection by local public figures, leaders of Jewish organizations, ordinary citizens of Odessa as well as members of the city’s large Diaspora community who continue to cherish their native city. In the window display of the same exposition room you can find fragments of grave stones which date back to the 1770’s discovered in the centre of the1 city by the archaeologies A. Their existence supports the historical claim that Jews have been living in the Khadjibei region prior to the establishment of Odessa.In particular, we are extremely grateful to Odessa’s collectors A. With the help of the monitor in this room you can get familiar with the number of Odessa’s Jewish population at different periods of the city’s life where percentages of Jews varied from 10% in 1975 to 34% (approximately 200 thousand) in 1912 and from 44% in 1920 to 6% (65 thousand) in 1989.Students of the School of Jewish Art located in the “Migdal” centre have beautifully decorated a number of stones with images of old buildings at one point visible on the streets of Odessa.In this next room you can find a collection of materials dedicated to the production of a major Odessa company “V. Included among other materials is the letter which the famous tea merchant Vysotsky wrote, himself, to the Jewish Enlightenment Society asking the Hebrew press to publish an acknowledgement of his award for the best essay on Jewish history. Dizenhoff and others also spent their days in Odessa.Despite the small parameters of the museum (total area of exhibition space is 160 sq meters) “Migdal Shorashim” serves as the only Jewish museum in all of the Ukraine where over a period of five years it has gathered a rich collection of 7000 materials (including documents, photographs, books, newspapers, postcards, religious garment, household goods, music instruments and other pieces of art).

In 1910s Jews play a key role in the arts and cinematography developing in Odessa.Real guests • Real stays • Real opinions " data-tooltip-animation="false" tabindex="0" data-bbox="35.0258282853583,48.4456832931634,35.0801147984049,48.4816141263096" data-node_tt_id="location_score_tooltip" data-width="350" title="" There is easy access to a small store and a cafe as well as a restaurant under the same roof where the hotel is locating. However, I would suggest the gym should be open for more hours/accessible for the clients, and the cuisine&service during breakfast should be improved. Great location, I loved Menorah, team at the reception, the room and the view from its window.In the same room one can find photographs of acclaimed figures of Jewish literature including H. On the walls of this historically rich room there is a gallery of photographs which take the visitor into the lives of leading figures of Jewish culture and activists of the Jewish political movement (primarily Zionism).

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Bialik, Mendele Moiher-Sforim, Ahad-Ga-Am, Sholom Aleihem and others. In the same line of photos there is a photograph of the Jewish Self Defence League (1905).

Other photographs of the main characters alive in the “Odessa Myth” (H. Here you can find names of famous doctors who had an active role in political and philanthropic organizations around the city.