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The fight was triggered when a company of the 7th Marina regiment found a Communist squad and pinned it down, lha Communists called for help and their oomrades laid down a mortar barrage. The opposition was so fierce they couldn't, but arti Hery and air strikes hammered at tha enemy and forced them to withdraw. publicly believe the North Vietnamese endorsed at the UN a Soviet have chosen for a major resolution calling on all nation* offensive, not to hamper efforts far a DONIPHAN, Mo. __, dinner discussion meeting with challenged North Viet Nam and ^ Communist Oiina Saturday A Qromvko on Viet Nam and At 3 a.m. Seven sharing among the Atlantic ai- other civilians also were Uea, including West Germany, injured. mmg St S4V A K/W6 WDM ABOUT AC — YE# NEVER PSAt SE / *~r ME UPTO « h' drtnl V™. ”* rmto «i the beach recover the weapon , a white oompeny worker, one of torae ^^ i Z wtea awd the young men. scene Guardsmen finished dragging JJf JSl J, powdble personal command of the prose- said they are ready to have a In toe small caters) Alabama , . A urologist can advise you, eee becomes manifest with his welfare to heart.

MOVE ENDORSED This is the area wtoich Lt - Befure the Saturday evening Gen. (AP)—New-born twin baby girls were lefl on the front porch of a minister's home Friday night. today, Dalton (hmp waa standing in a Ovarloetetown hotel listening to toe echo of toe first shot by a provincial association In the simmering Insurgency against John Diefen- bek«* s Tory leadership. wearing white _ qitasl toe Bret to Jury Met, a Ku Mux Klansman Detroit boumw Be atoo waa toot Man members Indicted far ^ g, ^ m wm i— M and a red jacket was Pe ^ ^T 0 *" n B *dte mas aooueed c mond Flowers, etoo has taken lawyer Arthur J.

toys of tews end botelea fuled 19* outbreak mm the beret to by hun Grech geffiered et the « «? It wto of Marx end Lento, be reft Baad and fulfilled.'* At tfie aame time the scholar ly diaouroton was betog printed. Precious item (ram Symphony society flies la photograph above — el Melvin Knadsen leading orchestra la lirat concert, held in Empress Hotel le May el 1M2. In addit.^si to to regu Lir ■crir -t of 10 parr* at nsv-erta at toe Royal Thertre toe society otters a number at extras toot promise additional excitrmerit. veges very funny” (Dally Colonist) “Most entertaining production . Maharishl one of the great teachers of mankind, has a systematic method of transcending through Deep Meditation. SCIENTISTS the world over have been so impressed with the effects of Meditation that they are collecting data and conducting experiments to find out why this simple technique brings refreshment to the nervous system, and peace and creativity to the mind. winner of seven academy awards, directed by David Lean, (Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia) and starring William Holden, Jack Hawkins and Alec Guinness in hit moving portrayal of courage under firs. to 10 p.m Names in the News LADIES’ and MISSES’ POOR BOY PULLOVERS REO. SAVE SI ‘Nothing But Trouble Follows Big Pool Money bank from the Add&mi family.

At leete two po- toe crowd, wore greeted by voi Uca niseis were dssna g ad. Moving in peasants, and aokkert 1 ’ march the vwiehed golden age, when ooncert with the profound de- toward a fixed goal, though tory l H men lived to harmony and vefepmeot cf toe proteterlaa march to toe erohaio * revolutionary movement. ALL CHILDREN 50c JULIE ANDREWS DICK VAN DYKE la Walt Diaaey’a look c I Victoria Symphony Orchestra haa changed aa radically aa moat ether things la Oils city In the past p att e r- cralary. ODEON By WIIJJAM THOMAS TV Victoria Symphony Society ia about to embark on its btggcwt season ever. Mc Pherson Playhouse nightly, Netei No Saali Available Wednesday. A GREAT RISHI OF INDIA EXPLAINS HOW TO TRANSCEND TRANSCEND MEANS going beyond ordinary thought and cognition. 25th/8:0D pm/Channel 8 One of the great films of our time... 25, m* B/JRg MN Fabian and Kathy Monday Only—10 a.m.

Lewis Waif, commander of parley at Gromyko's uptown U. The children were reported In "perfect condition" Sat¬ urday at the Ripley County Hospital. “The feeing of toe meeting iwlinrmed to my own view on toe weary Tories "have a feeding there ment troops, should be a reassessment of toe white mercenaries leaders!

"I walked out on the front porch and thought I heard a cat,” said Rev. dp." mounted a general attack This reassessment, if it Katangese. In Saigon, meantime, terror- treaty to halt the spread of i s ts struck again. grenade into a sidewalk rea- Gromyko had introduced the taurant, killing one Vietnamese resolution Friday with a new civilian and sllghtiy injuring blast at U.

death tod mi etg Moked to Winda and water deotooysd hundreds of homes and (breed evacuation of another 30.000 officials aald. Marine guards and em- *,r i It , av ptoyea at toe U. embassy 1001 ™™ *' yards away stood by alto fire 1 Typhoon pa “ n «! ipg paper floated onto toe l miles an hour, blacking out y grou . “ Shin, nil: recorted high and h Wednesd H|gha 65 S low at Victoria 62 and 52^Tc, to 75 ^ 45 to 55 pyedpiu- ...

Power failures blackened virttiatiy the enure area. more than 150,000 houses and GUERRILLA WAR threatening to send toe Nika- The mob converged on the zawa River over Ha banka.

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« * “ nu „ day's precipitation trace; ra- K , g , M « « . Foreigner* can no longer dismiss her curious mores a* amusing and quaint or com feat themselves with the ebrorvation that toe contortion* of the Chinese under the vtoipiwfi of Maorit co iinm aftsm "d*y alysla." Still an enigma, China 1 * a perplexing problem aa well. We hope that this ia the start oi a true "Symphony Centre" at 1960 Lansdowne VICTORIA JUNIOR CHAUCER OF COMMERCE Wishes to Acknowledge Those Who Supported ^ Tourist of the Week Program » a carpenter ai cale as a workshop. Woman who like barbershop- Arrangement* have again been made with Eaton's for the use of Ihe Box Office on Broad Street. Mueller has resigned In order to undertake new commitment* In his rhosen field A committee of your Board of Directors, together with Mr Mueller, members of the Orchestra, and member* nf the University Fine Art* department, are all actively engaged in the task of choosing a new conductor Th# prestige of your Symphony is reflected in the high calibre and outstanding qualifications of the applicanti for this port, and also in the number of applications. Ke* la lira nix Eatons Imperial Inn Guvner'a Pancake House Terra Cotta Room King Arthur's Net Loft - Woodward's Mayfair Room Restaurant Empress Hotel Red Uon Inn Tally Ho Century Inn Colonial Inn Olde England Inn Ingraham Princes* Mary Colony Mexico Boasts Of Sea Serpent MEXICO CITY (Reuters i — Mexico now has Ms txvn'Leeh fishermen 4. Local newspapers claim the monster” sometimes came •ahore at night. TOURIST PROMOTION COMMITTEE VICTORIA JAYCEES Guest artists during the regular 10 pair* of concert* will include Madame Huguette Turangati. horn, and our own Robin Wood, piano, and David Fisher, trumpet. TOO SOON Errol Flynn - Dorothy Malone The true-life story of Diana Barrymore, daughter of the famed actor, John Barrymore We would like to make Centennial Year a record-breaking year for both membership and attendance at the concerts. (Color) GE1BHA BOY Jerry I-evvl* ■ S manor Pleakette The TV premiere of one of Jerry's funniest shows-about a bunding magician with the USO in Korea. He Mdd the former English "To make money,” England customers in recent yean. 1 Mc Fbersoo Box Office, Sttlttl er 1IS Brsed St, stt-411! Symphony board charman Jack Barreolough emphasized. "This in certainly our moat ambitious season from a mus- ob 1 standpoint far we are offering something for every musical teste." Regular symphony patrons will also get first choice an ticket* for two extra concerto that have been booked by toe symphony. Restraint and care toa S be exorcised in presentations dealing wish sex aberration ,• Obscene speech, gestures or movement ahaill not be presented. They blasted a fuel dump five miles from the zone, sending huge mushrooms of orange flames skyward. (CP«*«, Mine tete where ^ ^ K N R f Ri^ * men died in an avalanche in wre kltod end the ^ L, March 1996. e g— Ito “ Th * ringerpriree on the gtoae iswrsjti ve Beri shooting te tow «knre to a vesy fine pares rf evi- perami who he eted were d«fce, toe bate re tor.” Daley atrangrea to Hm. r rftetto g to a fte te tofcre | Autorites flkd tore* murdar hwn« «tore ««t tocsn a tewsgre agtente Mtevin Stewart . Jones stopped by to chte as be chargee of narooteoa poreeateon son should be taken to bospitel o0l Pr you ths escaped. "Tout Family Jewelers siace lilt'* • Cofrwteknt Ts ran Little & Taylor Jewelers Ltd. Pbt HM 3854481 unless — and this Is my guess — he felt embarrassed or thought you might be. m ”‘ bladder, for the discharge of The sequence of headache* 60 doe. it and dizzy spell* after such an “ curately prescribed. Your boy friend should teg has / From what your doctor told Seventeen Arrested As Rocks Tossed at Police indeed whether In this specific OMAHA, Neb. The fighting erupted nine mile* west of Oam Lo and just south of toe demilitarized zone. q|tad M tore Fritoy Chief Petty Officer Leo Gross, mte toe swatete was Guard atatian, said Saturday s dragging yielded a 50-gallon drum, some scrap and bottles “and a lot of other junk.” the EXPORT Or FILTER TIP CIGARETTES hi. a ^ U18 JJl Uier ooimty was one ou t gisiv to of the civil rights movement. priest ari Moa Hy wounded out- Mo^taroe^ 25, of Chtoega Don Howard, manager of the ^ „ H symte Bs store Aug. said toe two w Wte fa Lowndre Coteify Diemiaete of the present in- men were working In a tunnel hoping Ne^oee to a rotor rag dictment could leave the way ashen a piece of rock from toe hfewtexi ■ — 1 To Death sez- 1 - "**■ KT* lito TN^ CHICAGO (UPI)- ^e te«te on the toot* seat of toe oar be- ag y w ee mbt* to 7_ ha tha tow wteh a .903- \/ir Pflfl Pg ride her, Mrs LImo aw kfibel po Hreman red five bua P«*» ^ , rim B he bfuf K at a ly Ul COll CS with a . pawn team Ire- S» ni haadjkrad Irani B paaten* anr ^ disturbance. Yet there is no good reason for embar- H b woa ' t tell his talks about ma y need to make special testa rasament. should, through the centre of Injury o« mean that there has Persuade your young man to the penis. Often K is tell his parents about his “ the undented? (UPIlaint l Yw 1 tenet outbreak followed From what your doctor told ^ a block* from toe site a dance at a youth centre near be I Dear Dr. In aril defence every¬ one in Canton la now buying aa many of Mao's books aa he can. and more, a so NOTHING hers of the group was winning; distinctive sound. and the battle of the band* at| "That's what we are really th P y Th e y packing their bags, with no jobs Ibi Bd * * * up, no dates, no bookings. lender for nmuf el years la between was Haas Graber, bow living ia .eastern Canada. Thai compoai- «mn teas cnmmiesioned enfieci-- ally ha- toe Victoria orchenfrs end will be played in February aa punt at toe orchentrs centen¬ nial program. ER 1XM ANGELES — “You got as good a chance against pip." said Minnesota Fats, sinking ball afte r ball into the six pockets, “as you’d have goin' to'Viet Nam with a BB gun and cominl hack. The last money game I had was two years ago with four eg the beat players in the country. No faith is required for conscious mind to becqme consciousness. 886-6181 PETER P0LLEH FORD YATES AT COOK , 884-1144 PUBLIC MEETING at 8 p.m.

Red Guards on the streets at toe souttaern metropo Na of Can¬ ton were stopping pesser-by and dauudhg that toey prove their knowledge of the sacred thought of Mao Tae-ttaig by zecittog extracts. Below, present conductor Otto-Werner M ae Aer Until hair ge awry ** lie rehearses preneat group iu University School for ferth- romlag seasea. For toe first tone toe-nym- phmy will p erf um t a brand-new Canadian work. BOX OFFICE I’M BOX OFFICE «: M NIGHTLY EVERY TICKET HOLDER GUARANTEED A SEAT i HEHsnsr DIANE CILENTO CMUMCOPI -Ca Wh CXL— CHARLES IIILLIM. In the act of transcending, one activates the powerful levels of the mind below the conscious thinking level of the mind—this brings to conscious awareness, more energy, more intelligence, more happiness and better health. NOT HYPNOSIS, not concentration, not contemplation. Deep Meditation is an inno¬ cent march of the mind from the conscious level to the great well of energy within, for it takes you to the source of thought itself—to pure intelligence, pure aware¬ ness. Brought to You by Ford of Canada and Your Local Ford and Metcury Dealers Msharishi in Person SUBURBAN MOTORS DOUGLAS AT SAANICH ; RD. , Elam said an attempt would be made to place them in ■ foster home. Dlefenbeker's serv¬ ice* to country and party and pledged support for him as leader of the opposition.) SATISFIED Mr. He spoke to a meeting of Prince Edward Island Progres¬ sive Conservative Association. The result: A motion tote “since the leadership issue has been raised, k should be settled to: the heat interest* of to* party, "| Us nwdnn was passed.