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I don’t want my son or daughter to have that type of consequence. Huge fan (wish there was a boy version made by Star Wars or something…).

I think it’s smart, once you start to see signs of puberty, to get a first period kit to have on hand, there are a few: For me, I’ll stick with the Care and Keeping of You 2 plus the Dollar Maxi Pad Club awesome price.

I was grateful for it as it gave a totally biological stance of it. Not much more than that — but it started them out early about how biology happens.

We had an Usborne Book (you an also get it on Amazon) that talked about how babies are made.

That way, expanding beyond that made it more natural. Books are great since we are encouraging our kids to learn all sorts of things from books (I’m a huge fan of keeping lots of non-fiction books at home).

But, at that age, I’d mostly just answer questions. Here are some common questions young kids have about babies: Where do babies come from? Say that the egg and the sperm meet, and the mommy grows the baby in her tummy How does the baby come out?

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We probably “officially” have “the talk” again each year. By age 12 I want to be sure they understand that people have many different feelings, and start to focus more on other sex acts that people might think are OK — including oral and anal sex, but also be honest with the disease and other problems that can cause, especially health-wise (this is where being a nurse comes in handy).With a little preparation, as well as starting young it won’t be as hard as you imagine.

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