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“Marriage doesn’t guarantee a happy ending – just an ending” – Samantha Jeez, these women are right cows when it comes to weddings.

The trio have all agreed to be Charlotte’s bridesmaids but each one seems to view this as an enormous favour – and each proceeds to give her a different pre-wedding headache.

Carrie writes a weekly column called "Sex and the City" for the fictional newspaper, The New York Star.

The column focuses on Carrie's sexual escapades and those of her close friends, as well as musings about the relationships between men and women, dating, and New York.

Her weekly column, "Sex and the City", provides the title, storylines, and narration for each episode.

In 2005, Carrie Bradshaw was listed as number 11 on Bravo's 100 Greatest TV Characters.

She is an on-again, off-again smoker, and she enjoys cocktails (particularly Cosmopolitan—her character's fondness for them helped to popularize the drink), but she is, at heart, an old-fashioned girl, and is deeply romantic.

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People who read her column occasionally describe her as their icon.She is a semi-autobiographical character created by Candace Bushnell, who published the book "Sex and the City", based on her own columns in the "New York Observer".