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d That in case of inability to devote time and effort to the sale of literature during the Big Week, lay members, institutional workers, and conference laborers make an offering to the Extension Fund equivalent to at least one day's income. Reiner Religious Liberty Make wills and legacies to The Manitoba Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Perseverance " IF a task is once begun, never leave it till its done." This is a portion of a little rhyme I memorized when about five years of age, and the older I get the more truth and wisdom I see in it. The small cf leghorns that we began with a year ago has materially reduced the school's egg bill. "It is so refreshing ; " "I am fit for nothing when tea-time comes round until I have had my tea, and then I am fit for anything." The " fit for nothing" state comes on at five P.

c That conference and institutional workers join in the Extension plan by selling literature during the Big Week, applying their entire profits to the fund, in addition to their personal income for one day. They are " Daniel and Revelation," Patriarchs and Prophets," " Home Physician," and " Bible Readings." MR. Even though hard during which a motto was handed out to each stutime stories were told, at least 125 was gathered in. The fif- When the pledges made by those who could not othteen students who had the largest number of tickets erwise participate are paid, we are confident we will received framed mottoes. Our thoughts were turned to more serious channels when the financial statements were handed out, followed by the Provincial examination application blanks. BRUCKS is busy building a brooder to house 350 baby chicks that will soon be here. The experience of every confirmed teadrinker, when soundly interpreted, supplies condemnation of the beverage; the plea commonly and blindly urged on its behalf being, when understood, an eloquent expression of such condemnation.

Canadian Junior College had a splendid field day on March 30, 1931 and though it was at the end of the month when people have little money, the students and teachers sold over 400 books in a single day. The Regina Effort End of Fifth Week FIVE weeks of the Regina Effort are now in the past, and we are entering upon the sixth week. The active principle which produces this result is the crystalline alkaloid, the theine, a compound belonging to the same class as strychnine and a number of similar vegetable poisons.

Can you imagine the public scattered over all of North America, reading the 99,044 books sent out by the Review and Herald, and the 177,000 books sent out by the Pacific Press for the Big Week campaign. The five-o'clock lassitude and craving are neither more nor less than the reaction induced by the habitual abnormal stimulation ; or otherwise, and quite fairly, stated, it is the outward symptom of a diseased condition of brain, produced by the action of a drug; it may be but a mild form of disease, but it is truly a disease nevertheless.

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The opportunities of 1931 are much greater than they were a year ago. We are confident that quite a large number will take hold of the truth as a result of the effort. Neufeld 20.00 Fenwood 15.00 Cymric 10.00 Ebeneezer Company District No. I love my Ukrainian brethren and enjoyed my visit very much especially as they promised to be faithful to God in all things. I wish to assure our dear people in Saskatchewan that it would have brought cheer and courage to your hearts as it did to mine if you had the opportunity of attending one of Elder Ruskjer's meetings, and to see hundreds and hundreds of people coming. ONTARIO CONFERENCE Office Address 306 Sherbrooke St. He undertook the translation of the "Life of Julius Caesar, " by Napoleon 11I.. He fulfilled his contract by sitting up several nights successively by the aid of strong tea or coffee I forget which. In a few weeks he had aged alarmingly, and become quite bald, his brain gave way, and never recovered.