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In these first few days the renewal of old ac- quaintances and the acquiring of new friends lends a tenative air of happiness with only a trace of foreboding for the classes and study to come. After being thoroughly welcomed the new stu- dents are taken over by the orientation committee to be familiarized with the campus. The school is continually adding new machinery and technical equipment to its facil- ities. The Rebel band and cheerleaders lead the stu- dents through the streets of Oxford to the square where they dance to the music of Jerry Lane and his orchestra at the Welcome Rebel Party spon- sored by the Oxford Chamber of Commerce. in l $&* V7 fe «■' i-i 1 •o I % \ bright smile like Howard's is rare on registration day. Tours, place- ment tests, and interviews with faculty advisors are on the agenda. Williams graciously receive new- comers with a coke party in their home. An example of this new equipment is a ma- chine which provides for the making of maps from aerial photographs and which is used extensively in the fields ol Civil Engineering and in Geology. Please leave me a note telling me about u or if you like to be my friend. I want a very sweet guy that likes to do anything or everything. I am a possative open minded person who loves helping others. I am a caucasion female and I don't drink at all or soke at all.I like to dance go to a romantic restaruant and go to movies.I am somewhat of an old fassion person who likes the respect a women deserves such as open the door and pull out the chair. hi i am a very shy person but i can open up to others and be myself around down to earth people.I like being with friends and family but I had much rather cuttle on the couch with someone. i am 5'7 122 pounds, shoulder length black hair, brown eyes and dimples. i like traveling to different places, whether it's in the state or outside of my state.

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Next in this complicated process is the filling out of numerous cards, which require details ranging from the date of your grand- mother's birth, to whether or not your parents are broad-minded. Tom is turning out part of a drill press which is one ol the class projei tv DR. N II kill Dean of the School of Engitti School of Engineering 45 DR.

Then students, time and again, figure perfect schedules only to have them changed by either deans or professors. Orientation I'm sorry but this section is closed — I'm wrry but thiv closed— I'm •n tests even if their heads do get iold. FORREST MURPHEY Demi o\ the School of Education The school of Education was founded in 1903.

S NOT CIRCULATE THE BOOK MOST BE UCCO M Qoileck Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI LIBRARY 1957 01 e Miss I \I\ ERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI III DAVIS r H AM ES • EDITOR CHARLES HUMPHREY* BUS. Fore The purpose of an annual is to keep alive the memories of each year; s that, Later in life, one can look through it and recall the happy moments of his college career. " After successfully arranging a schedule with all classes the sudden realization that he must set the alarm for seven for an entire semester impres- ses the student with the dreary monotony of class, after class, after class. and Rush Week is a "M-I-( S« ■ you real soon, K I \ Wl B I h, |,i ! First semester for pledges is one of hard study in order to make that much sought after 3.0 av- erage, but from then on the amount of study i*- usually gauged only by what is required to get by. " forthcoming encounter as strains of "Hoddy-Tod- dy" echo throughout the stadium. The fame of John Yaughts' team is known throughout the nation and as a result there is a spirited crowd at the games.

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It would be impossible to depict each event of this school term, 1956-57, for two reasons: first, so many wonderful things hap- pened that it would take a series of volumes rather than one small one to cover everything; second. He finds however, that even some of his more boring required courses can be made interesting by the characteristics of his pro- fessors. ." *5- * s Expectant actives and nervous rushees prepare for the ordeal. Finally, the student in his senior year realizes that he should not have been working for grades alone but rather to gain knowledge to confront situa- tions which he will encounter in life where the game is "played for keeps'". Before each game in the latter me- tropolis a tremendous pep rally is held in the lobby of the Peabody complete with band and cheer- leaders. The long, hot summer days before school beuin^ are spent in unending practice by the Ole Miss fooltball players in preparation for the coming gridiron season. 1 ht mine referred to a mutual acquaintance ,i^ a man of sentiment.

and we start While the upper classmen are attempting to im- press the new feminine arrivals, freshman boys are fast losing their appeal due to the efforts of the Cardinal Club which has as its main function the discipline of freshman students. The Nation's two leading legal fraternities have chapters here. This year marks the centennial anniversary of the School of Law as such, and in this, its 100th year, construction of a new Law Building is in process. The School of Engineering offers an integrated program of four, five, and six year curricula, parts of which are connected with the department ol chemistry, the School of Commerce and Business Administration, and with the department ol geol- ogy.