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A pump jack is an unmanned mechanical pump which produces smaller amounts of oil.There have been Facebook pages set up just to beg the owners of the Mexican fast food restaurant, Taco Villa, to expand their restaurants to other cities in Texas.There are only five other replicas in the United States.Not only is it an exact replica, it is a working stage theatre.Football is King in Odessa, as illustrated by Buzz Bissinger in his book, Friday Night Lights.“Sports Illustrated” named the book one of the top five greatest books ever written about sports.The Ukrainian city of Odessa has a population of over one million and is known as a beautiful resort city with a mild climate, beaches, and European architecture.Odessa, Texas, on the other hand, is more desert than resort.

The Winwood Mall closed shortly after the Permian Mall opened, unable to compete with the larger mall containing more, newer stores.

There are no lakes or rivers, much less an ocean or sea, to bring tourists in.