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09-Oct-2020 15:09

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I hope his friends and family and her friends and family see this post it on here This sloot started working with my husband when she and I were both pregnant. Goes against girl code she even fuked my man for pizza while pregnant with her first child. But watch out what comes with it some lovely little parasites!!!!!

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She continues to show up at my home, harass me and my husband and keys his car any chance she gets. Oh and she is only 21, which means she was like 6 years old when my husband and I first started dating… Swing Towns adult dating ads introduces Indiana couples! Swing Towns swingers personals brings together Indiana singles and couples!The ST is the Friendliest Swingers Sex and Adult Dating site in Indiana!This is my adulterous so-called husband and my adulterous so-called best friend who decided over Christmas time to hook up and why the crap about it. He will also get you so drunk and provoke you into anger so that he can turn it around and play the victim.

Not even filed for divorce he took her to the Christmas parties that his friends and family and Everton were around. All because I wasn’t the same person I was a year and a half ago when my son died. It wasn’t his and she was my so-called best friend and knew I was depressed over this. Stay away from this ticking time bomb he is going to end up shooting someone with his guns right now he is too busy spreading DRD’s. She is a nasty dirty slore will open her legs to any man. Then had a baby got knocked up again and had an abortion at 22 weeks. Watch all your men I don’t know wtf they see but apparently an easy peice of a55!!!

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