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Common reasons for seeking sex therapy include low sexual desire, couples with differences in sexual desire, difficulty with sexual arousal/excitement and orgasm, sexual anxiety, erection and ejaculation problems, a history of sexual trauma and pain with sex.

Individuals with medical problems, injuries or medication side effects affecting their sex life can enjoy improved sex from sex therapy.

You might even think, "I could never share these things with anyone -- it's just too tough to imagine." But what if you could?

I take a multifaceted approach that integrates talk therapy & expressive arts.""Our therapy process will support you in a meaningful and gentle exploration of what has urged you to seek guidance.

I also believe that most people have the answers they need to resolve, or improve their issues, somewhere inside them.

I am there to help you uncover those answers in a safe, caring and compassionate way.

Are you a parent or teen who is having challenges at home/school?

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This new awareness tends to breed confidence that leaks into all parts of life.""Does talking about sex make you feel uncomfortable?I believe deeply in treating the whole person.""I believe that everybody has the right to a safe, satisfying and pleasurable sex life.I believe deeply in treating the whole person.""Are you having concerns related to anxiety, depression or sexuality, either individually or as a couple?""I offer you over 20 years of experience in giving warm caring guidance, offering direct insights into how you might improve the quality of your life. Don is author of "Loving With Passion", holds a Ph. in psychology and is a life coach, hynotherapist, UCLA-trained sex therapist, professional speaker, licensed marriage and family therapist.

He had a past TV show ("Love University") and is an internationally recognized expert with numerous appearances on both television and radio.Please feel free to email or call me with questions.""Are you living in a sexless relationship?

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