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Some of the rail companies still own and use the tracks that run through Jonesboro.The city set up the Jonesboro School District in 1899.and Monroe, and a Christian church located at the corner of Union and Huntington Ave.Other early churches of the city were started in the 1910s.The Jonesboro Lynching of 1881 took place at midnight on March 12.The Decatur Daily Republican reported that four black men—Green Harris (sometimes referred to as Hawes), Giles Peck, John Woods (sometimes referred to as Jud Woods), and Burt Hoskins (sometimes referred to as Haskins)—had been arrested and tried before magistrates Jackson and Akers at New Haven Church, eight miles north of Jonesboro.Jonesboro is the cultural and economic center of northeastern Arkansas.

After the United States acquired this territory in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, American settlers eventually made their way to the area where Jonesboro is located.Shortly after being named county seat, the highest point in Jonesboro was identified and a court house was planned for construction.This was delayed for several years as the locals did not want to ruin their deer hunting.Arkansas State College (now Arkansas State University) was established in 1909, a year in which the first horseless carriages were driven in the city.

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There is a recording on a Sanborn Fire Insurance Map dating back to March 1897 of a Presbyterian Church existing at the corner of Church St.As the population increased in the west of the county, Lake City was named as the second seat.

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