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Toward the end of the confirmation process, sexual harassment allegations against Thomas by Anita Hill, a law professor who had previously worked under Thomas at the United States Department of Education and then at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, were leaked to the media from a confidential FBI report.The allegations led to a media frenzy about sexual harassment, and further investigations.A young sculptor named Korzak Ziolkowski and several Lakota elders proclaimed that the mountain carving would "let others know that the Indian peoples had great leaders, too." During the late 1940s, diesel engines became more common than steam. Heckman (a public relations man with railroad experience) decided to start a railroad where steam actually operated and was not just relegated to static display.He and Robert Freer, a sales engineer of diesel locomotives in the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors, organized a group who believed "there should be in operation at least one working steam railroad, for boys of all ages who share America's fondness for the rapidly vanishing steam locomotive." On the morning of August 18, 1957, the first official train operated on the Black Hills Central Railroad.Televised hearings were re-opened and held by the Senate Judiciary Committee before the nomination was moved to the full, Democratic-controlled, Senate for a vote.Thomas was confirmed by a narrow majority of 52 to 48.

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The most common category of service in South Dakota – based on the likelihood of each program to offer all the services within a category – is "emergency services", while the least common category of service is "housing services".

Veteran Burlington engineer Earl Coupens piloted the Klondike Casey and its two open-air coaches away from the Burlington's vintage1890 Hill City depot, up the four-percent grade of Tin Mill Hill and on to Oblivion.

The route was nicknamed "the 1880 Train," as it was likened by Heckman to riding a train in the 1880s.

A new stall and machine shop were added to the Hill City Engine House for maintenance and restoration of locomotives, passenger cars and other rolling stock on a year-long basis. In 2001, the link between Hill City and Keystone was restored, and trains were able to travel the steep grade in between the two depots, providing a vintage steam experience for thousands of tourists who visit the Black Hills on an annual basis.

Fifty years after its inception, the Black Hills Central Railroad is still providing what Heckman envisioned–a place where new generations experience a steam locomotive and a way to commemorate the vital role that railroads played in the development of this country.When introducing Thomas that day, The president called him "the best person" in the country to take Marshall's place on the Court, a characterization belied, according to constitutional law expert Michael Gerhardt, by Thomas's "limited professional distinction, with his most significant legal experiences having been a controversial tenure as chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and barely more than one year of experience as a federal court of appeals judge." In 1992, Gerhardt Described the Thomas nomination as "a bold political move calculated to make it more difficult for many of the same civil rights organizations and southern blacks, who opposed Judge [Robert] Bork's [Supreme Court] nomination, to oppose Justice Thomas." He also wrote that, "in selecting Justice Thomas, President Bush returned to a prac- tice-nominating extreme ideologues for the Supreme Court-that many hoped had ended with the Senate's rejection of Judge Bork." Attorney General Richard Thornburgh had previously warned Bush that replacing Thurgood Marshall, who was widely revered as a civil rights icon, with any candidate who was not perceived to share Marshall's views would make the confirmation process difficult; and the Thomas nomination filled various groups with indignation, among them the: NAACP, Urban League and the National Organization for Women, who believed he would likely swing the ideological balance on the court to the right.

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