Sex dates with no register

08-Oct-2019 16:10

If an offender who is posted in the full address category on Megan’s Law has been scored as high risk on the state risk assessment for measuring violence, the LS/CMI, the person’s risk level will be indicated.

Since there are no static risk instruments that include all the risk factors for sexual re-offense, the examination of additional risk factors, such as dynamic (changeable) risk factors will improve risk predictions.

The assessment is based on research studies identifying things about sex offenders that when present, predict risk of re-offense, such as age of the offender, prior arrests and convictions for sex offenses and violent offenses, and type of victim.

Generally, the Static-99R is used to score offenders age 18 and over, but certain offenses do not qualify for scoring, and offenders who have been offense-free in the community for a number of years may not qualify for scoring unless they commit a new sex offense.