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Like Houma, Lorenz wears a headset, the global uniform of video calling professionals, as he waves into the camera from his office in cold, rainy Hamburg.Lorenz is 29 and just completed a doctorate in philosophy. "I got the idea for an Internet language school in South America.The free Internet video service Skype alone has more than a half-billion registered users -- comparable with the social network Facebook.Large corporations such as Apple, Microsoft and Google are all vying for customers for their video services."Sign language is my mother tongue and German is my first foreign language," Canal explains, drawing each word in the air."Incidentally, you can talk roughly twice as fast with signs as with spoken language!

His conversation partner on the screen is doing the same, the two of them performing a pantomime pas de deux.From deaf people who previously had little use for mobile phones to grandparents wanting to connect with their grandchildren, video calls are changing our lives.Skype is at the forefront of the revolution, but companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft are all cashing in.In 1936, the German postal system set up public "viewing telephones," through which users could wave to each other between the cities of Berlin and Leipzig, for a price of three reichsmarks for three minutes.

A series of other attempts followed, but all failed.

The work brings in an additional couple hundred euros each month, a large sum in Senegal.