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Then after presenting it to the male standing at the store entrance who was controlling me that evening being publicly berated..."That's not big enough, go back and get a really big one! I crave humiliation, degradation, being put in my place by males.I need humiliation, to be degraded, used, embarrassed. I found a few men who had knowledge of such things.We shuffled down the hall through a door into another large room, trying not to stumble or step on one another's feet. We sat on a bench in front of a table and were fed a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. After breakfast the first girl was unchained by one of the men.She was led off; I later found out when it was my turn to shower again and use the toilet.I don't really understand this but I am what am and I now accept it. To be sold as common chattel, the loss of control, the humiliation of being auctioned off like a cow gradually permutated my day and night dreams. All were reluctant to open up to me; slavery is illegal in the US after all.But despite all I've been through, public collarrings, being stripped naked and whipped, even my experiment with multiple partners one evening - nothing so far has compared to the slave auction I experienced last month. There is the whole issue of white slavery, a separate and disgusting practice where women are kidnapped against their will and forced into prostitution.After several hours they brought in a plate of sandwiches. Finally another man opened the door and whispered to one of the guards.

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The only problem was, the girl's Master submitted her for the auction, drove her to it, and picked her up afterwards. I arrived by taxi to a warehouse area of the city on a Thursday evening around 9 PM. Through an open door I saw an unmistakable apparatus, an OB/GYN exam table complete with stirrups. "Remove your clothes and shoes , put them in this bag," she said, pointing. I undressed, pulled on the paper gown, and sat in the exam chair.

I have no Master at present, so I was told I could not be sold. I agreed to take a taxi to and from the event, and to follow the instructions given to me without question. The driver looked at me a little strangely but took my money and drove off. I grabbed it, walked to the door of the nearest warehouse and knocked. "Staci." The girl smiled, "Ah, yes, Staci, we were told to expect you. "Put on this gown; the doctor will be in soon." She took my overnight bag with her as she left, pulling the door closed behind her. Damn I thought I was going to a slave auction, not getting an exam! In a few minutes the door opened and a man in his early forties came in. " I realized he was looking at the application I'd filled out, which had looked a lot like a medical form.

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