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Change management business process descriptions and roles Change management business process overview PLM Change Manager 3 Contents Change driver business phase Change solution business process Change implementation business process Change incorporation phase Change management example Example: Aerospace & Defense change management business process Identifying changes Ways to identify changes About deriving a change About creating a change in the context of an object Create a change Create a change in the context of a reference object Derive a change from another Searching for change objects Types of searches Create a search in Change Manager Related topics Run a search Display searches in the Change Home view Delete a search Reviewing changes About reviewing a change Related topics Review a change Developing and implementing changes Managing objects related to a change About relating objects to a change Contents of the change folders About viewing relationships using the Implements and Implemented by folders Relate change objects to other change objects Manage the change relations in the Summary view Relate a solution item to an impacted item Updating changes Update a change Change object properties Listing of change properties Create a new revision of impacted items Create a BOM change Managing unincorporated changes About incorporating changes Example of incorporating changes Conditions that must be to met to set Incorporation status Set the Incorporation status of an object Change Manager PLM Contents General process for incorporating change items in an ECN General process for incorporating markups in an ECN Configure a folder to display Incorporation status Viewing Incorporation status and history Performing mass-updates of objects About the mass-updating of objects Configuring the mass-updating of parts and realizations Performing mass-updates of part instances Performing mass-updates of source objects in 4GD design elements Scheduling implementation activities About scheduling implementation activities Example of a schedule work breakdown Work Breakdown Schedule Manager view Create a work breakdown using Schedule Manager Roll up objects associated with a change object Display a schedule work breakdown Managing change items associated with a schedule task Use schedule task to manage changes Display the change items associated with a schedule Manage the change items associated with a schedule using the Open Task view Manage the change items associated with a schedule using the Change Details view Propagating change items to schedules Related topics Managing a change About managing a change Initiate a workflow process Related topics View the status of a workflow in Change Manager Related topics View workflow assignments and their status About classifying changes Replicating change objects on remote sites Managing the participants of a change About the participants in the change process Types of participants About dynamic participants Assign participants About setting change states Related topics Setting change effectivities About setting change effectivities Assign effectivity Administering the change management process About administering the change management process Migrating to Change Manager PLM Change Manager 5 Contents Setting Change Manager preferences Setting up users About setting up users Setting participants programmatically using ITK Configure a group to create change requests and change notices Configuring how changes are derived Defining custom change management objects Configuring conditions to control the actions of participants About configuring conditions to control the actions of participants Examples of Change Manager conditions Summary of default Change Manager conditions Managing the change process through a workflow About managing the change process through a workflow Problem report workflow example Enterprise change request workflow example Enterprise change notice fast track workflow example Managing change management folders through a workflow Change management preferences A-1 Change Manager preferences A-1 Glossary B-1 6 Change Manager PLM Chapter 1: What is Change Manager?

Configure Change Manager The following basic configurations are required to use Change Manager: To customize Change Manager business rules and objects, install the Change Management Business Modeler IDE templates (during installation, select Change Management in the Business Modeler IDE Templates panel in Teamcenter Environment Manager).Searching for and viewing change objects: PRs, enterprise change requests (ECRs), enterprise change notices (ECNs) and deviation requests (DRs).Receiving and acting on workflow assignments and tasks.Issue Manager automatically provides access to Siemens PLM Software design review and issue resolution tools, including NX, Lifecycle Visualization, and the Lifecycle Viewer.

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You can use Issue Manager in both the rich client and the thin client.

Related topics Structuring a workflow process Scheduling and managing tasks PLM Change Manager 1-1 Chapter 2: Before you begin Prerequisites You need a license level that enables authoring for all Change Manager functionality.

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