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14-Jan-2020 01:06

There’s just something naturally sexy about meeting on the run. Try revving up the intimacy between the two of you before this. Your seduction intentions really don’t matter because when you are seducing a girl, you need to be true to your feelings. A girl can sniff out fake a mile away, just saying.When you text her for a last minute meeting, you’re removing any doubt from her brain because she really doesn’t have time to think it over. So that you both know what hot buttons to push when you do actually meet. If you can successfully let her in just a bit, it will be easy peasy for you to seduce her. This is where you need to let loose a little but also keep it ultra liberal.Be patient and take it one step at a time with the seductive texting. If you are the man that’s going to text too much, you will be screwed when all is said and done.When you are the man that is trying too hard, which means texting too much, you are going to show this girl you want that you don’t have the confidence to grab her and hang on. BEWARE – Hot girls always have more than one man hunting them down so you’ve got to stay cool and act fast.Seriously, this is where many guys totally screw up big time! However, if you go too far, it can totally backfire.

No doubt, when you are looking to grab the eyes of a girl that’s interested in you, the best route is via text.

Try and make her laugh with sincerity and you be the one on her mind, the one guy she remembers. There’s just something totally seductive about nicknames. Makes sure she is head over heels about it before you set it in stone.

A special name for her like cupcake or boo can help to create that vital virtual emotional connection you need to take seduction to the next level. When you make her feel special by giving her a name of her own, you are telling her she matters and that’s priority one for you!

Her mind is likely wandering and you are making sure your text messages are special, because they will be the only ones that vibrate.

Now where she has her phone is a totally different ballgame!

However, if you learn how to use a text to warm the waters and open the door to getting to know her on the next level, without being too vulnerable, you will conquer successful flirting over text.

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