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Additionally, the heart is monitored using electrocardiography (ECG). This machine is clipped with a special probe on one finger and can measure the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which are reliable indicators of respiratory status.The major goal for recovery room monitoring is assessment of residual drug effects.Patients receiving conscious sedation are cooperative, have stable vital signs (pulse, respiratory rate, and temperature), shorter recovery room convalescence, and lower risk of developing drug-induced complications.Unconscious sedation is a controlled state of anesthesia, characterized by partial or complete loss of protective nerve reflexes, including the ability to independently breathe and respond to commands.Clinical situations for unconscious sedation typically involve eating and drinking protocols starting the day before the procedure.The age and physical status of the patient is useful in determining sensitivity.

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First, sedation is recommended to allow patients the ability to tolerate unpleasant diagnostic or surgical procedures and to relieve anxiety and discomfort.Second, sedation for uncooperative patients may expedite and simplify special procedures that require little or no movement.Additionally, sedation is often desirable to diminish fear associated with operative procedures.Because of these additive effects, these medications taken with other sedatives or alcohol (also a sedative hypnotic drug) may increase chances for accidental death.

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In general, most of the medications that induce sedation may alter breathing and cardiac stability.Benzodiazepines (common sedative medication) have a cumulative effect.