Scott m foster dating

07-Nov-2019 11:52

“I think originally it was going to be about fit, seemingly attractive white men, until Vinnie was added to the song,” Foster shares.

“Obviously everyone has problems, no matter who you are, and it was fun to explore and fun to do the dance.

) seemed cold, calculating, and more often than not more like a machine than a man.

These problems may not be as flashy or even long-term as some of the other issues explored on the show, but that lighter nature lent to more comedic commentary.

“Sometimes you get a character and it’s that same character for six seasons and you never change, but this character, in a season and a half, has grown a lot!

And that’s what I like about the show — that anyone in Rebecca’s orbit ends up growing and changing and becoming someone new,” says Foster.

“He spirals a little bit, and then you start to see him take a stand and make a decision and then he realizes he’s not quite strong enough to make a decision yet.

He does a little bit of back and forth,” Foster says of Nathaniel’s journey to figure out what he really wants and what he feels he deserves.

Like Scott, Laura also keeps it private when it comes to her personal life.

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