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Balakrishna sets the 13 day eclipse anomaly- there was no Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and we also see that the mention of Mars near the star Regulus in the Mahabharata script is also missing in this correlation, In fact practically all the astronomical references are ignored and different from the texts in the BC correlation.

There are a number of details referring to planetary positions given by the texts and none of the at h the date p o ided D.

Yet, if you count the 10 days that he lead the armies into war in which he may also have not been able to sleep, that would give the full 58 sleepless nights that are described.As devotees and followers of the Vedic path, we already accept the premise that Lord Krishna appeared 5,000 years ago and spoke the Bhagavad-gita in the Mahabharata war.But it is always nice when scholars, other researchers and science can add support to what we already propose.In the time line for the passing away of Grandfather Bhisma, for example, it is said that Bhisma passed away on the Magha (January-February) shukla ashtami, after the winter solstice, which leads to the date of January 13, 3066 BCE for the winter solstice.

Lord Krishnas departure from Upaplavya nagara on the mission for peace September 26, 3067 BCE Krishna reaches Hastinapura September 28, 3067 BCE Lunar eclipse September 29, 3067 BCE Krishna rides with Karna October 8, 3067 BCE Solar eclipse October 14, 3067 BCE The war begins November 22, 3067 BCE Fourteenth day of the war, continued into the wee hours of the morning December 8, 3067 BCE Balarama returns December 12, 3067 BCE Winter solstice January 13, 3066 BCE Bhismas passing away January 17, 3066 BCE The above accounts for 48 days from the time of Bhismas fall to the time of his passing.

The latter are enumerated as dharma (right action), artha (purpose), kama (pleasure), and moksha (liberation).